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Single Hole Clamp design is offerred by AMROCK to mount single or multi core cable, conduits and hoses in indoor and outdoor applications.


We provide following sizes in Single Way Clamps. Kindly contact us if specific dimensions are required.

Model No. Diameter C/C of
Holes (mm)
Hole Diameter (mm)
AHSC 26-50 Suitable for Outer Cable
Dia. 26-50 mm
76 12.5
AHSC 50-80 Suitable for Outer Cable
Dia. 51-80 mm
100 12.5
AHSC 75-100 Suitable for Outer Cable
Dia. 75-100 mm
150 12.5
AHSC 100-135 Suitable for Outer Cable
Dia. 100-135 mm
175 12.5
AHSC 135-170 Suitable for Outer Cable
Dia. 135-170 mm
210 12.5


  • Stackable
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Resistant to UV, Heat, Acids, Moisture and Radioactive Emissions
  • Flame Retardant


Suitable for supporting Single Core PVC/ HRPVC, XLPE, XLPE Insulated Aluminium, Un- Armoured, Earth And Un Earth Power Cables from 1.1 Kv to 132 KV Grade Used in Tunnels, Bridges, Power Generation Stations, Sub-Stations, Thermal Power Stations, Switchgear Plants, Industrial Installation, Terminal Kits These can be used for indoor or outdoor for vertical or horizontal running cables inside trenches or on racks / galleries


  • Can be easily stacked on common fixings to save time and the space.
  • Saves space, both in height and width.
  • Suitable for fixing to any preslotted rung design.
  • Easily Accessible for bolt fixing from underneath the rung.
  • Compact and Light Design.
  • Rungs between the clamps support the load distribution due to efficient Clamp design.
  • Low product price and low installation cost.