DKS - Dowel Clamp

DKS - Dowel Clamp (Fastening Elements for Single or Bundles of Cables)

Description and areas of application:

The dowel clamp DKS comes in different clamping ranges, for single cables or bundles of cables. Simply cover the cable with the loop and insert into the drill hole. The DKS 3-13 replaces the traditional nail clamp, which while holding well on wood, does not hold on plastered walls. It is used for aerial cables or telephone cables. When the cables are laid, the loop is barely visible. 

Product Details :

  • Material: halogen-free, PP, temperature range: -10 to +85 °C

Clamping range mm Type Colour Contents Pack/Carton Item No
3-13 DKS 3-13 Halogen free Light grey 200/7.200 30020
6-20 DKS 6-20 Halogen free Light grey 200/4.800 30030
8-28 DKS 8-28 Halogen free Light grey 200/6.000 30040
20-40 DKS 20-40 Halogen free Light grey 200/4.000 30060
-- FS Halogen free Light grey 200/8.400 30080