Lance Drill

LB- Lance drill for hollow bricks and tiles

Description and areas of application:

The drill has the shape of a lance. As a result, when drilling through thin hollow block tiles, tiles etc. a clean bore is achieved and swerving is avoided. When using a traditional masonry drill, the drill hole swerves, the webs in hollow block bricks also swerve and a firm hold of the fastening technology is no longer guaranteed.


The LB has no coil and as a result exact holes are created in hollow block bricks. The LB is also available with 150 mm shaft length. In this way, any damage to the drill chuck in the buried assembly can be avoided.

Product Details :

Weight per item*: 26 g, 44 g, 44 g, 85 g, 135 g
* Listed in product overview order

Drill-Ømm Shaft length mm Type Item No.
6 100 LB 6/100 9095
6 150 LB 6/150 9097
8 160 LB 8/160 9099
10 160 LB 10/160 9101
10 250 LB 10/250 9103

Process Images