USE - Buried Clamp Single

USE - Buried Clamp Single (Buried clamps for flexible pipes and no plastering

Description and areas of application:

Also for single installation we have the USE, and here the hose must first be covered and then inserted with the clip into the drill hole. Here too, one clip is suitable for two clamping ranges, just like with the double buried clampUSD.  

Areas of application:

What our clips need, are accurate holes. For this reason we have developed a special drill for you, namely the lance drill for hollow bricks. Drilling is done with a simple twisting movement – no percussion, and all the webs in the hollow brick are maintained. Tiles and glass can also be drilled without any problems and without anything breaking.


All buried clamps have a flange inside which holds the hose. The hose can thus be tightened and pressed into corners.

Product Details :

  • Material: halogen-free, PP 
  • Working temperature: –10 to +85 °C
  • Weight per piece*: 1.9 g; 2.5 g; 3.5 g
  • Maximum load**: 160 N hollow brick, 150 N aerated concrete
  • Breaking load**: 223.40 N hollow brick, 233.10 N aerated concrete
  • EAN codes*: 9008439-121106, -121205, -121304
  • * Listed in product overview order
  • ** For USE 20-25/55

Clamping range pipe dim. Anchor Lenght mm Type Contents Pack/Carton Item No.
16-20 55 USE 16-20/55 Halogen free 100/3.200 12110
20-25 55 USE 20-25/55 Halogen free 100/2.400 12120
25-32 55 USE 25-32/55 Halogen free 50/2.000 12130

Process Images