SH- Holders

SH- Holders (Fastening elements for single or bundles of cables

Description and areas of application:

Likewise for the multiple installation of cables, we have the SH holder - single or double for up to 30 sheathed cables. Even when fitted, this can simply be opened from the bottom and closed easily again. This means that cables can be added at a later date. As with most Schnabl products, the Euro-clip can be aligned to fasten a pipe, too.

Benefits :

In confined spaces, you can also fit the SH 15 laterally–with the dowel fastening nail DSN or even screw it.

Product Details :

  • Material: halogen-free, PP,  
  • Working temperature: –10 to +85 °C
  • Height without dowel: 8.5 cm
  • Width (closed): 5 cm (SH 15), 9.8 cm (SH 30)
  • Weight per piece*: 16.4 g, 27.7 g
  • Maximum load SH 15: 190 N concrete, 190 N solid brick
  • Maximum load SH 30: 200 N concrete, 210 N solid brick
  • Breaking load SH 15: 292.80 N concrete, 282.20 N solid brick
  • Breaking load SH 30: 272.20 N concrete, 311.10 N solid brick
  • EAN-Codes*: 9008439-305209, -305407
  • * Listed in product overview order

Capacity* Type Colour Contents Pack/Carton Item No.
max.15 SH 15 Halogen-free Light grey 150/400 30520
max.30 SH 30 Halogen-free Light grey 70/200 30540
*based on NYM 3X1.5 MM²

Process Images